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Mayor Lary Coppola



I've always been involved in our community. I served two terms on the County Planning Commission; chaired the board and finance committee of HousingKitsap; served as vice chair of Kitsap Transit's board, and on the boards of CenCom, Emergency Management, the Health District, the HBA, Rotary, and the Boys and Girls club.

As Mayor, I wrote and administrated Port Orchard's $30+ million dollar budget, and put private sector business practices in place that resulted in the state auditor saying, "Port Orchard could serve as an example of how government should manage its citizen's money." I also implemented changes resulting in Port Orchard having the fastest, and most certain permitting in the county.

My Goals are Simple:

Restore Public Safety

It's time for the County to stop gutting the Sheriff's Department and diverting the money to "feel good" things and personal vendettas. We need more deputies on the street. Currently we're 37th out of 39 counties in the ratio of deputies per population.

Re-open the County for Business 5 Days a Week

The citizens pay for a full time government. It's time they had one once again.

Establish a LEAN Program

King County and others have done this VERY successfully. It's a proven program that forces ALL County departments to work together and eliminates the sacred cows and personal fiefdoms that contribute to wasteful spending.

Create a Positive Business Climate

The County needs to focus on helping local business grow and thrive, and making this an attractive place to do business, so we can create the jobs that will lead us out of this economic mess.

Lary, Dee, and Bryce on the 4th of July

Reduce Regulation

It's time for a total review, of County regulations and restructuring a regulatory system that prevents local business from growing.

Reduce Permitting Time

There is NO excuse for the amount of time it takes to get a simple permit build anything. I did it in Port Orchard — and I'm committed to doing it again.

Is promoting organic gardening more important than working towards our REAL need — JOBS? We don't need another study. Kitsap needs Proven, Common Sense Leadership. I'm Lary Coppola, and that's why I'm asking for your vote for County Commissioner.

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