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Mayor Lary Coppola

Lary Coppola with Derek Kilmer and Christine Gregoire DEPARTMENT OF CITY DEVELOPMENT
(Previously known as The Planning Department)

When I took office in January of 2008, the Planning Department was completely dysfunctional. There were unprocessed permit applications going back literally years. I brought in James Weaver from Kitsap County, whom I had worked with as Chair of the South Kitsap Sub-Area Planning Process, to come in and head up the Department, reorganize it, and streamline the permitting process.

James, who has earned a reputation among both his peers and the other elected officials on the Kitsap Peninsula as the best Planning Director in the County, has done a spectacular job of cleaning up a huge mess, clearing a backlog of over 500 unprocessed permit applications is less than 60 days, and made our City Development Department the envy of all the other local jurisdictions.

He has streamlined our permitting process so it is now by far, the fastest in Kitsap County, and one of the fastest in the entire Puget Sound Region.

On top of that, what I discovered upon taking office, was that the City was four years out of compliance with the State's Growth Management Act by not updating its Comprehensive Plan. To make matters worse, it wasn't the annual updates that were out of compliance, but the mandated 10-Year Update.

Updating the Comp Plan, which is usually an 18-month to tow year project, and bringing the City back into compliance with state law immediately became Job One. James and his talented, hard-working crew, completed the update in less than a year, almost totally in-house.

Here's a recap of what they've accomplished:

Lary Coppola and Rob McKenna Comprehensive Plans and Planning Document Accomplishments
  • Completion of the Port Orchard Comprehensive Plan 10 Year Update. (First update since 1995. The Plan had been out of compliance since 2004) and prepared subsequent updates in 2009 & 2010.
  • Completion & Adoption of the 2008 City Parks Plan (last updated 1995)
  • Adoption of the Critical Area Ordinance (last updated in1999 and out of compliance since 2004)
  • Completion of Port Orchard Design Review Preference Manual.
  • Completion of Shoreline Master Program Update (est. Dec 2011. State mandated & letter of commendation from Dept. of Ecology)
  • Completion & Adoption of the Sidney/Pottery Corridor Plan
  • Completion & Adoption of the McCormick Village Park Master Plan
  • Managed largest annexation in Port Orchard History, McCormick Woods Annexation, adding 2,700+ residents, 1675 acres, and $379 million in assessed valuation.
  • Negotiated Interlocal agreements with Kitsap County for new parks lands and a total of $632,000 in additional City park funding.
  • Coordinated 23 separate Municipal annexations (18 completed to date) comprising a total acreage of more than 3,250 additional acres added to the City limits, including commercial centers such as Fred Meyer.
  • Currently coordinating the Bethel Corridor annexation effort, as well as three others
Downtown Port Orchard Sidewalk Regional Government Activity
  • Assisted in negotiations for disengagement for revenue sharing interlocal agreement with Kitsap County as well as multiple interlocal agreements between Kitsap County and the City of Port Orchard.
  • Assisted in updating County Wide Planning Policies through Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council to benefit Port Orchard.
  • Coordinated with PSRC staff and State Agencies to ensure Port Orchard independence for planning decisions.
  • Coordinated with FEMA federal staff to ensure Port Orchard flood area regulations & compliance.
  • Assisted with negotiations with Port of Bremerton for Water Street Boat Launch, SKIA annexation, Bay St. Pedestrian Trail, potential parking garage, and multiple waterfront, marina, maintenance, and permitting issues.
  • Resolved 567 outstanding and unresolved building and land use permits (some applications had been under process for 6+ years)
  • Processed a total of 1,376 permits from Jan 1, 2008 to June 1, 2011
    • 1,163 Building Permits Processed
    • 4,915 separate Building Inspections conducted
    • 235 new Single Family Homes approved & built
    • 125 new Land Use Permits approved
    • More than 30 shoreline permits approved
  • Instituted Electronic Permit Submittals pilot project and undertook electronic scanning of entire Building Department Records.
  • Instituted Hearing Examiner process and significantly reduced processing time to meet Washington State Minimum timelines.
  • Implemented expedited permit processing program with Just-in-Time management of City resources and allowing outside 3rd party peer review to provide timely expert services for projects where required.
  • Instituted monthly Permit Status reports and regular updates to the Kitsap Homebuilder's Association and posting on the City website.
  • Resolved over 345 Code Enforcement Cases of the total 375 code enforcement cases initiated since 2008.
Downtown Port Orchard Main Street Grants and other Economic Development Activity
  • Successfully secured multiple State and Federal grants for funding City Projects including:
    • $60,000 for Blackjack Creek Wilderness Trail
    • $20,000 for the National Parks Assistance Program
    • $120,000 for the Shoreline Master Program Update
    • $97,000 for the Transfer of Development Rights Study
  • Assisted in securing over $700,000 in DeKalb Pier appropriations
  • Successfully secured CDBG Section 108 loan in the amount of just over $1 million for potential parking garage (unused)
  • Prepared and presented the Port Orchard Town Center Revitalization funding prospectus to multiple agencies and funding partners.
Land Use Code and Development Regulation Accomplishments
  • Codification of the Critical Area Ordinance, Updated FEMA Flood Prevention code and instituted 2009 Building Code Updates.
  • Creation of the New Business Residential Zone and creation of the associated land Use and development regulations.
  • Initiated the Design Review Board and implemented the Design Review process for Downtown Redevelopment projects.
  • Streamlined Port Orchard Municipal Code regarding permit processing, clarified Downtown Overlay District provisions, resolved conflicts with Citywide Height measurement and the view protection overlay zone.
  • City of Port Orchard Building and Planning Department experienced no staff reductions, no reduction in hours of service, and maintained excellent level of customer service for 2008-2012 while reducing overall Department expenditures during the economic crisis.
  • Instituted Applicant's Bill of Rights, Customer Comment Card, and Applicant Suggestions for Improvement programs
  • Negotiated and coordinated process for more than 25 acres in donated land to benefit Port Orchard City Parks.
  • Initiated Web based provision of all forms, documents, surveys, maps, and project status to provide maximum outreach to community.
  • Initiated Historic Port Orchard program and City website, coordinating with the Sidney Gallery/Museum to digitally scan and catalog all existing City historic photographic files and map historic structures.


The employees of the Public Works Department are truly the unsung heroes of our City. They are the people who keep the water flowing; keep the sewers from backing up; clean out the storm drains; fix the potholes; maintain City Hall; mow the grass; keep the parks clean and safe; manage any and all construction projects; make sure all the pumps, motors and everything and anything mechanical and electrical keeps running — and of course, plow the streets when it snows.

The City Engineer, Mark Dorsey heads up what is undoubtedly the smallest, most well-run Public Works Department in Kitsap County, and one of the best and most efficient in our state. The City Engineer also oversees operation of the state and federally-mandated Stormwater Utility, as well as the implementation of, and compliance with, all environmental regulations impacting City operations.

I personally recruited Mark from the private sector to take on the task of streamlining a department that was in turmoil and suffering from a lack of direction and strong leadership. He has done an amazing job with a department that because of the economy has been somewhat underfunded, but always rises to the call.

Below a list of accomplishments by the Public Works Department during my first term as Mayor. Please note that these accomplishments are beyond the day-to-day operations maintenance (water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, roads, etc.) and residential/commercial development plan review and inspections.

2011 Accomplishments to Date
  • Paving Program — 2011 Project Design Underway
  • Decatur/Stockton Slide Repair Complete
  • Utility Extension Agreement at Blackjack Terrace Recorded
  • Albertson's Sewer Pump Station — Ownership Transfer to City
  • Parking Resolution Updates — Ordinance Creation Underway
  • Street Signage (MUTCD) Compliance Program Underway
  • Street Curve Advisory Speed Posting Analysis Complete
  • Seattle Street — Slide Repair Design Complete
  • Permit Processing/Tracking, Final Plat Processing Modifications Implemented
  • McCormick 580/660 Zone Reservoir/Pump Station DOH Submittal
  • Waterfront Car Charging Station(s) Commencement
  • Electronic Waterfront Parking Meter Installations Completed
  • Demolition of 213/215 Prospect Street Rentals Complete
  • Tremont Street Widening — Right of Way Acquisitions 70% Complete
  • Tremont/Pottery Sanitary Sewer Construction Commencement
  • Tremont Widening PS&E 95% and Environmental Complete — Shelf Ready Status
  • DOE Grant — Equipment Purchase (JD35D Excavator, JD323D Compact Track Loader, TK Trailer)
  • Paul Powers Park: Clean-up, Fence Modifications & Portable Restroom Completed
  • 2011 McCormick STEP Conversion Design Underway
  • Well 9 - Treatment Pre-Design Report Underway
  • City Hall Roof and Gutter Cleaning Scheduled
  • Software to Monitor/Track Commercial & Residential Cross Connection Backflow Implemented
  • TV, Cleaning & Lining of Port Orchard Sanitary Sewer Mains
  • Sign, Street, Sidewalk, Storm, Sanitary Sewer & Water Inventory
  • GIS Mapping of Storm Water Facilities: City Right-of-Way Near Completion
  • Port of Bremerton Lease/Repair/Use of Water Street Boat Launch Underway
  • DOH Adoption of City Water System Plan Update Complete
  • Organizational Changes — Building Dept. from Public Works to Development Department Complete
  • Leak Detection Program Underway
  • McCormick Well # 11 (Replaces Wells #3, 4, and 5) Final Design, PSE & Permitting Underway
  • County/City Inter-local Agreement for McCormick Woods Storm Water Completed
  • Transportation Element — Plan Update Underway
  • Source Water Protection Plan Underway
  • West Sound Utility District Bethel Water Tank ILA Completed
  • Port of Bremerton Waterfront Parking Reallocation — Agreement Completed
  • City Hall HVAC Repair/Upgrade Completed
  • New Roof for Library Design Underway
  • Park Improvements at Van Zee, Paul Powers and Central/Clayton
  • Upgrade Road and Utility Standards Underway
  • School Zone Traffic Sign Upgrade Underway
  • JPA Predesign Water/Sewer Roads and Storm (Fall 2011)
  • Cedar Heights Jr High Sidewalk — Storm Drainage (Fall 2011)
  • PSE Schedule 74 Bay Street Underground Phase I Completion Underway
  • DeKalb Pier Upgrade Design Coordination Underway
2010 Accomplishments
  • Adopted 2005 DOE Storm Water Management Manual
  • Adoption of Kitsap Low Impact Development (LID) Manual
  • Advantage Ave. Parking Modifications
  • DNR Aquatic Lands Lease Resolved
  • Sanitary Sewer Rate Study Complete
  • New Well #11 Drilling Complete
  • Tremont/Pottery Sanitary Sewer Pre-Design and PS&E Complete
  • Water Tank Painting — Morton Street Standpipe Complete
  • SCADA Improvements — Sewer Lift Stations Complete
  • SCADA Improvements — Water Stations Complete
  • Bay Street Seawall Construction Complete
  • Video Detection at Sidney/Sedgwick Intersection Complete
  • Annual Maintenance and Striping of City Streets Complete
  • Well #8 p.m. House/Chlorination Improvements Complete
  • ILA for USGS Groundwater Study Initiated
  • 2011 Stormwater Retrofit and LID Grant Application
  • Water Reservoir Easement for 580 Zone Recorded
  • Bay Street Seawall Construction Commenced
  • Bay Street Pump Station Upgrade, Pre-Design Report Complete
  • Kitsap County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Complete
2009 Accomplishments
  • Bay Street Pedestrian Design Commenced
  • Lowe's Latecomer's Agreement Recorded
  • Melcher Water Pump Station Easement Resolved
  • Water Rate Study Complete
  • Cedar Canyon Emergency Generator Purchased-Installed
  • Emergency Snow Route Map Updated
  • Low Flow Toilet Program Initiated
  • Active Club Regulation Modifications Implemented
  • Water Use Efficiency Goals Established
  • Sanitary Sewer Comprehensive Plan — Update Completed
  • Bethel Round-About Design Revisions Underway
  • Tremont Medical Complex — Left Turn Lane Constructed
  • Annual Maintenance and Striping of City Streets Complete
  • Cline Street Paving/Sidewalk Upgrade Project Complete
  • Tremont/Pottery Sanitary Sewer Pre-Design and PS&E Commenced
  • New Well 11 Cable Tool Drilling Commenced
  • Final Design (Revisions) — Bay Street Seawall
  • Parks Maintenance Contract Initiated
  • Well 10 Pre-Design Report Complete
  • New Well 11 Hydrogeologic Services Commenced
  • Waste Management Contract — Leachate Disposal Services Implemented
  • Revision of the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan Initiated
  • Discharge Detection & Elimination — Clean Runoff Program Initiated
2008 Accomplishments
(6-month Time-Frame for City Engineer Mark Dorsey)
  • Bethel Sinkhole Repair (FEMA) Complete
  • Right of Way Cleanup at Ada Street Complete
  • Tremont Street Widening — Alternatives Analysis Complete
  • Storm Water Utility Creation — NPDES Ph.2 Permit Compliance Initiated
  • Annual Maintenance and Striping of City Streets Complete
  • Upgrades to Van Zee and Central/Clayton Park Complete
  • Kitsap County Public Outreach Program Initiated
  • Management of leases within SR166 Right-of-Way
  • Towne Center Parking Garage Facility — Study and Conception Design Completed
  • Sanitary Sewer Comprehensive Plan — Update Commenced
  • Utility Extension for The Ridge at McCormick — Dedication of Utilities to the City Complete
  • Schedule 74 Underground Conversion Agreement at Tremont Street Complete
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